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Misfits Recovery Groups

With so many people hurting and in need of recovery from various addictions and life controlling problems, Misfits for Jesus  is holding Misfits Recovery Group meetings at the church every Wednesday night, as well as at various other locations and times (see below).


As each of us struggle to find some kind of  effective coping mechanism to address the emptiness we feel inside, we often resort to self-medicating in hopes of relieving our emotional pain.  But, the addiction that inevitably develops soon begins to control us and ultimately produces painful negative consequences.

Any addiction left unchecked will destroy your life, including those addictions that appear to be harmless like workaholism, relationship and religious addictions.  Eventually, self destructive and self-defeating behavior becomes a lifestyle for the addict, destroying relationships with loved ones and  leaving us feeling distanced from any hope of a meaningful relationship with God.  Eventually addiction can take our very life...or at least we may wish it would.


Science and medicine have not been able to come up with a lasting solution to the problem of addiction.  But, Good news!  There is an answer–recovery is available!  Jesus Christ is still in the business of healing and transforming lives!

Addiction is ultimately a spiritual problem, and there is no true recovery without Jesus. We use simple principles that have developed into a successful model that is used in all Misfits Recovery meetings. Our simple approach to recovery has proven to be effective for many who suffer from a variety of addictions.   We offer

Hope, Help and Healing


Christ, Community and Connection!


Join us on Wednesday nights as we work together through our Misfits Recovery Group workbook.  You will be meeting with others who are seeking hope and healing, as well as those who have already found the joy and peace of recovery that is offered in Jesus Christ.

What happens at a Misfits Recovery Group Meeting?


Christ centered support groups are an essential part of recovery.  At Misfits, you can expect support, encouragement, fellowship, motivation and guidance from real people that have been right where you are. There is no judgment, no condemnation and no criticism.  Completely non-traditional, Misfits Recovery Group meetings consist of a straightforward approach outline:

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Award of recovery chips
  3. Scriptures based on the weekly word
  4. Discussion of weekly  word (3-4 minutes each depending on attendance)
  5. Prayer cards – filled out, collected, and chosen to pray on during the week
  6. Word choice for next meeting
  7. Closing prayer

Misfits Recovery Groups:

  • Wright City, MO -- Meets Wednesday Evenings at 7pm at Misfits for Jesus Church
  • Troy, MO -- Meets Monday Evenings at 7pm at Krumbly Burger
  • Mountain Grove, MO  -- Meets Wednesday Evenings at 6pm at  Emmanuel Baptist Church, 210 East 13th St., Mountain Grove, MO 65711
  • O’Fallon, MO -- Meets Monday Evenings at 7pm at Rolling Meadows, 304 Pinto Circle, O'Fallon, MO 63368
  • Waukesha, WI -- Details coming soon
  • Fort Smith, AR -- Details coming soon
  • St. Louis, MO -- “The Resource” Multi-Use location coming soon
  • Mobile to Montgomery and Danville Areas -- Mobile Recovery Group, details coming soon


Saturday Night Worship:  5:30-7:00

Monday Night Bible Study:  7:00-8:30

Wednesday Night Prayer Service:  6:00-7:00

Misfits Recovery Group*, Wright City:

           Monday and Wednesday Nights 7:00-8:00


*  See Recovery Page for dates, times and

    locations of other Recovery Groups

MISFITS FOR JESUS, 201 North Cherry, Wright City, MO 63390

Phone:  (636) 745-0336

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